Whether you are connecting rental equipment or your own equipment the right cables in the appropriate lengths are necessary to get the job done.  Cables, connectors, adapters, and extenders are part of the everyday job here at SLC.  We list below the most popular cables your installation is likely to require.  Most of the A/V equipment you rent from us will come with basic cabling but if you need more or you have longer than usual runs let us know what you need or select your cables and quantity from the following choices.

Consider how your equipment will be laid out and where your power will come from.  This will help you get an idea what you will need.  Just let us know.  If you would like assistance in determining your cabling requirements just call us or let us know by email or through your quote request.  We can help!!

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1/4″ Cable

Product Information Audio cable with phono-type jack SPECS M-M cables up to 50ft in length

1/8� 3.5mm Mini-Audio Cables

Product Information Plugs into the headphone jack of your PC so you can hear your audio through an external sound system. SPECS in stock in 3ft, 6ft, and 15ft lenghts. Extensions also available.

BNC Cables

Product Information Common connection for audio or video SPECS available in 10ft, 25ft, and 50ft lengths

Coaxial Cables

Product Information For connection to a VCR, cable box connection, or other coaxial device SPECS availalble in 10ft, 25ft, and 50ft lengths

DVI Cables

Product Information Digital cables for LCD and Plasma displays SPECS DVI-I M – M 6ft cable

Extension Cable 25 ft

Product Information Heavy duty AC power extention cable SPECS available in all lenghts up to 100ft

HDMI Cables

Product Information Single digital cable for audio and video transmission over short distances SPECS HDMI-M to HDMI-M 12ft cable

HDMI to DVI Cable

Product Information Digital display conversion cable SPECS DVI-I M to HDMI M 6ft cable

Parallel Cable 6 ft

Product Information For connecting a printer to your computer SPECS available in 6ft and 12ft lengths

Polycom SoundStation EX Cell Phone Cable

Product Information For using a cellular telephone as the audio source SPECS 3ft cable length