• Computer Equipment Services

    Equipment is just that, equipment.  It’s the services that make the difference, and at SLC, our services offerings are among the best in the business. You can count on us to do what you need to have done and to do it right! Our diverse inventory and our trained technicians are at your service to do whatever you need to get the solution you need.

    Application Software Installation Services

    Application software installation is available in the following ways:

    1. Choose from our software library We own many copies of popular application programs.  We charge an installation fee for each software load.  Check to see if what you use is available.
    2. Provide us your own software and we’ll install it for you. Your software can be installed at a low cost-per-system price or installed at a flat hourly rate.
    3. Provide your own Image of your system’s fixed drive. Alternatively, we can prepare one or more of the systems that will be part of the rental order for you to load your programs on. Once finished the system(s) is returned to us for Imaging and then duplicated on all the other systems that comprise the order. This is a substantial time saver when renting a quantity of computer systems.

    Internet Connectivity

    All rental systems provided by SLC are pre-loaded with Microsoft Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.  SLC can provide hourly communication connectivity services to configure your rental systems to work with your provided services. Normally these services are provided through an Ethernet network where IP and Server information is necessary, in advance, to configure services. These services are available inside and outside of normal business hours. Call for more information.

    Pick-Up & Delivery / Installation & Set-up Services

    SLC offers delivery and pick-up services, for a nominal fee, throughout New England. These services can be performed around the clock at any time of night or day, depending on your individual needs. Fees are based upon your location and the times and days on which you want the equipment delivered and picked-up.  Equipment set-up and breakdown services can normally be provided, when possible, with all equipment rentals.   Please check the ‘need installation’ box in your quote cart.


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