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175 Watt Powered Speaker

Product Information Perfect for small and medium sized events and audiences Specifications:                   JBL EON10 GE Power Rating:                    175 Watt Dimensions (HxWxD):     19.4 in x 14.0 in x 12.1 in Frequency Response:      90 Hz – 16 kHz (±3 dB)  Net Weight:                         10.4 kg (23 lb) Connections:                      XLR in and out, and 1/4″ in.       

400 Watt Non-powered Speaker

Product Information Suitable for large indoor or outdoor live audio or music events. Requires external amplifier. High powered 2-way speakers using Speak-On cables and connectors. No controls on speakers. Specifications:                  d&b autiotechnik MAX 12 Power Rating:                    400 Watt Dimensions (HxWxD):     15.4 in x 22.8 in x 20 in Frequency response:       55 Hz – 18 kHz (-5 dB) Net Weight:                        

5 Watt Set Computer Speakers – Beige

Product Information Basic set of beige AC powered PC speakers with 3.5mm audio cable connection specs none comes with: need photo

5 Watt Set Computer Speakers – Black

Product Information Basic set of black AC powered PC speakers with 3.5mm audio cable connection Specifications:                     Logitech X-140 Power Rating:                      5 watts RMS (2.5 x 2) Dimensions (HxWxD):       9.5 in x  3.9 in X  4.9 in Frequency Response:       80Hz – 18kHz Net Weight:                          5 lb Connections:                       3.5mm (mini) audio cable

50 Watt Powered Speaker

Product Information Versatile powered 2-way speaker for smaller venues and audiences 2-way powered speaker with XLR and 1/4″ phone line level inputs. Separate bass, treble, and volume controls on unit’s front panel. Specifications:                    Anchor AN1000X Power Rating:                     50watt Dimensions (HxWxD):      5.25 in x 8.4 x 9 Frequency Response:      65 Hz – 20 kHz ± 3

500 Watt Powered Speaker

Product Information Large powered speakers where performance 500 watts of clean power (400 watts low frequency/100 watts high frequency). With mic and line inputs, XLR and level controls Specifications:                 Samson DB500A Power Rating:                   500Watt Dimensions (HxWxD):    30 H x 19 W x18 D Frequency Response:    58 Hz – 24 kHz ± 5 dB Net Weight:                      

Heavy Duty Speaker Stand

Product Information Use with all of our speakers except the smaller 50 Watt speakers specs Heavy-duty adjustable tripod speaker stand for larger 1 3/8″ pole mounting speakers

Speaker Stand

Product Information Specific to the 50 Watt Powered Speakers only specs Adjustable tripod speaker stand for 50 watt pole mounted speakers