Application Software Services

Application software installation is available in the following ways:

Choose from our software library.  We own many copies of popular application programs.  We charge an installation fee for each software load.  Check to see if what you use is available.

Provide us your own software and we’ll install it for you. Your software can be installed at a low cost-per-system price or installed at a flat hourly rate.

Provide your own Image of your system’s fixed drive. Alternatively, we can prepare one or more of the systems that will be part of the rental order for you to load your programs on. Once finished the system(s) is returned to us for Imaging and then duplicated on all the other systems that comprise the order. This is a substantial time saver when renting a quantity of computer systems.

Please allow one business day for us to respond.  If you need immediate support please call 978-869-3339.

Please allow one business day for us to respond. If you need immediate service please call 617-261-6060 and select option 4 .